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We offer engaging painting and drawing classes at ArtsyClub Mysore, tailored to unleash your creativity and enhance your artistic skills in a supportive environment.Call +91 9900066350
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Class Policy
Class Packs and Renewal

All class packs are prepaid. A reminder is sent when your current class pack is nearing its end. To continue enjoying discounted rates, please renew your pack before starting your next set of classes. Note that adjustments are not possible after a class has begun.

Validity and Flexibility

Our class packs are valid for up to six months from the date of purchase. They offer flexibility to accommodate your schedule, whether you prefer consecutive weeks, alternate weeks, or any other pattern.

Materials Provided

All required materials for activities, such as acrylic paints, watercolor paper, clay, etc., are provided. You do not need to bring your materials to class.

Class Duration and Usage

Our packs are based on the minimum single class duration. Class packs cannot be split into hourly increments or other parts. Each class in a pack should be used for a complete session as specified.

About Us
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At the heart of ArtsyClub is a vision rooted in the belief that art is a universal language capable of bridging diverse cultures and fostering deep connections. Founded by Dhanashree Gadiyar, an award-winning visual artist and seasoned art educator, ArtsyClub emerged from a passion to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Dhanashree's rich experience, spanning over 15 years of teaching in India and the USA, coupled with her academic prowess from City College, New York, has shaped ArtsyClub into a nurturing and creative haven. Her works, celebrated and showcased in New York and beyond, underline the core principles of our organization – to inspire, educate, and empower through art.

ArtsyClub was born out of a desire to create a space where art transcends the boundaries of traditional learning. Here, we encourage exploration, innovation, and the joy of creating something uniquely personal. Our goal is to make art an integral, enriching part of life for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We believe in fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, skills are honed, and art is celebrated as an essential element of human expression.

From beginners to budding artists, ArtsyClub is a place for all to discover and nurture their artistic talents. Our workshops, exhibitions, and classes are designed to spark creativity and passion, guiding each individual on a journey of artistic discovery and self-expression.

Join us at ArtsyClub, where art is more than just a skill – it’s a way of life.

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The Impact of Art in Cultural Understanding and Exchange

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